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Loading front tires ?

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Hi all,I was pondering the idea of loading the front tires on my ss16 with WW fluid,16/6.50/8 tri-ribs. Would it be worth doing? If it would how much fluid per tire? I only use this for plowing garden & dozer blade. Thanks for any info Kenny PS back tires are loaded ags
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I think they hold just short of 2 gallons so about 14lbs per tire.

Not really going to do a lot for you.
i did it on my ss12 its a noticable difference
Only way to do it is thru the valve stem, which takes a while. You need a 5 gal bucket, some garden hose, and an air/water separator, which goes on one of the hose and on the other end the tire. All its really going to do is make your steering heavier. I plow without one on my SS/16 and its fine. JMO
I loaded mine with a cheap harbor freight pump, took less than an hour, you can vacuum out all the air first with the pump which helps with filling. The extra 30 lbs is hardly noticeable on the steering but does help some with keeping the front end down and maintaining steering control with heavy rear attachments, although I could probably use more, but I would certainly say it was worth it.
Thanks for the info guys, I would like to find an old mule-drive insert and fabricate it to hang some weight on it. I have a problem keeping the front wheel in the furrow........Kenny
What do you have for front tires? I use tri ribs, and I love them!
I loaded the front tires on my 1969 SS12. Now I am kicking myself for doing so. Mainly because I have a snow blower on it. So a little word of advice, if you are going to use front attachments (mainly a blower) have a second set of front tires. Now I have a hard time steering.
P.S. I used a water pump from a small decorative fountain.
I have a plow on my 16 right now with AG front and rear and it still wants to slide! I think I may break down and put the front wheel weights on and load them...
Rob uses 38 Lb. wheel weights on each tire on his Wheel Horse...
Sorry guys :hide: I know this is the Sears forum but I was just saying....

He really likes them and can steer it rather easily and it doesn't seem
to let the tractor get pushed sideways.

You can see it here:
Rob Plowing

Myself I seem to have good luck with 2 link chains on the front.


i fab myself up a good weight on the front i have a 48" big home made plow. no pics right now need to get them soon. but anyways i had to fab a weight out of 2 1/2" square tube about 16" long sealed on one end and filled it with lead. it weighs a good 55-65 pounds. helps keep the front end down when i let the clutch off **** tractor will do a cat walk for a good 3 feet and its scary lol. but anyways helps with the steering issue. i had to put it back it yesterday cause we got a good 5"+ of wet and fluffy snow.
Unless you have a 4wd tractor, ags on the front won't do a thing except look tough. If you think about it they aren't designed to aid steering at all, just straight ahead traction. You'd be better off with tri-ribs or a sno-hog type tire on the front.
I have a plow on my 16 right now with AG front and rear and it still wants to slide! I think I may break down and put the front wheel weights on and load them...
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