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Loaders for Garden Tractors

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I have a 2000 model year Cub Cadet 3235. It was the biggest Cub sold at the time. Been a mower all it's life with a 54" shaft driven deck.

I know it's not a Cub of years gone by...but what are opinions on this tractor handling a front end loader with say, a 42" wide small profile bucket. Been seriously considering this and a three point to make me a utility dirt mover for my property. I'm tired of borrowing my friends huge bobcat skid steer that destroys more than it fixes in my yard.

I'd have to add an additional pump and perhaps reinforce the frame...but overall it's a decent sized machine with 25HP and power steering. I could easily run the pump off the deck pto location. I'll let the tractor hydraulic system handle the forward/reverse and the steering only.
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I would recommend a Johnny Bucket. you won't have a very high lift, but if all you want to do is move material and dump and spread it out, you don't need to lift high above the ground, and they have an electric over hydraulic pump system, so you can run it on machines without hydraulics.
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