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This weekend I put my LA211 loader on for the first time since last fall. I started it up and moved the tractor into the garage to do an engine oil and filter change.
When I was done I was going over the tractor and noticed several drops of hydraulic oil coming from BOTH of the loader boom cylinders. I had no leaks last fall when I used it to move some gravel. I thought maybe the seals just needed to warm up but it has continued to leak a few drops every since. Weird that both would start leaking at the same time?

Maybe it is time for a cylinder rebuild? Looks like there is a seal kit for the boom cylinder available from Messicks for about $44.00 each.
Is this a job that requires any special tools? I have never really worked on hydraulic cylinders before, but have all the usual tools any good garage should have...

Tractor is a 2003 BX2230D and has 1375 hours on it
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