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Lo-lift mower blades

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I can't find any lo-lift mower blades for my Craftsman 48" deck. They are 16 5/8" and have the star center. Thanks in advance.
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They don't have lo-lift blades and besides they think their stuff is made of gold.
just curious, why low lifts?? I thought high lifts was all the rage... better finish cut and better clippings dispersal..... and sorry I don't have any idea where to buy those.

Do you know the sears model # of th mower or deck?? or better yet.. Do you have a blade#??
Try a Google search on mower blades. I just ordered some lo-lift blades for my Ariens and it appears they fit AYP, Sears, and Husqvarna, also.

Here are three sites I found usefull:

I ordered mine through Amazon and they were shipped from Mowtownusa.

Also, there are 5-star blades and 6-star blades, so make sure you are looking for the right ones.

If your lawn is sandy then yes they fit the bill. Used on a regular lawn you have to mow slower as they don't suck the grass to standing up position as fast.
Plug, I have lots and lots of sand and the high lift blades wear out quickly. I go through 3 or 4 sets of blades a year. Lo lift blades would pull less sand up into the blades, thus less wear. I have modified a couple set of hi lift blades but it's not cost effective.
Ford, thanks for the info.
Boyd, you are correct.
If you can't find any, buy a new set of blades and use a bench mounted grinder to grind off some of the top part (wing) of the angled part behind the cutting edge. Then balance the blades. Of course wear safety gear when you do this.
Boyd, I've done that using a thin cutoff wheel on an angle grinder as well as taking some of the angle out with a hydraulic press. They work better but the time involved is not condusive to the price. Thanks for the input.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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