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Linear actuator switch

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I have seen on the site someone using a Linear Actuator to lift a front blade,what I need to know is what kind of switch was used to control up and down with one switch?
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I think you need a double pole double throw switch. Seems I saw a thread about this recently, but don't remember if it was on here or on WFM as I watch both like a hawk.... I'll see if I can find it. I've thought about adding one for spout height control on my 49 blower, but haven't yet.

Either of those look like pretty decent write ups. Not sure what you're wanting to do with it, but they both show how to wire the switch, etc.
Yes, a double pole double throw switch with a "center off" position. Older car power window/lock switches would work.
I found one on a site I googled but it was a rocker and was for indoor use and it had 3 poles and I only have 2 wires?
Any toggle switch that is listed as [MOM-OFF-MOM] will work, if you look around you will find some with a longer "handle" which is good if working with gloves on.
P.S. MOM> indicates momentary operation. (must hold in position)

Up to one side down to the other and the middle is "neutral" :fing32:


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If you look at post 5 in the second link I posted there is a diagram of how to wire it. It involves power and ground, two jumper wires on the switch, and then the two wires going to the actuator. Looks simple enough, I don't know why I haven't done it yet....

You need to make sure it's a DPDT switch. It will have three positions with the center being off. For using an actuator I would think it would be better to have a spring loaded one so it returns to "off" when you let go of the switch.
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I found this in Thanks Guys,been pondering this thing all day.
Got my rocker switch at NAPA.
20 - 30 amp inline fuse, DPDT momentary/center off switch, wired like this. Rocker works the best IMO.
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Just make sure the switch rating for the amps is high enough for your motor...
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