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Limited slip??

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I have a Scotts 2048 made by JD. The designation refers to 20 hp and 48" cut. But I've never had a mower on it. The machine is used for snow blowing only. I like everything about the tractor except the poor traction. With chains, wheel weights, and another 50 lb weight hung on the back, it still slips due to the differential action. Has anyone ever heard of a conversion to a limited slip diff? This machine has a hydrostatic drive system, which I also like. My previous tractor used a hand lever to select fwd/rev and that meant that something else had to let go at the end of a pass.
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i think you would have to find and convert a better tranny to it.
Didn't Kbietz post something one time about welding sprockets to the axles and hooking them up in such a way to create a LSD?
On my JD-212 the right rear tire spins so that tells me that it's not LSd. I designed a jack axle with sprokets and 50 chain to get full posie in the rear end. now get time to build it and get it installed. Wish i knew auto cad.
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