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good evening ya'll,, can some one point me in the right direction on some head lights for a sears suburban 10..? any deals on e bay? thanks for everything . c falcon
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I got a good deal on ebay from These guys- Bulb America around $10 per bulb- I think I knocked them down a buck a bulb because the auction is for best offer. The bulbs you get are not the spotlight type they show in the picture, they have the refracting lens. My Miss Emma has those bulbs in her- they throw a really wide path of light and are a few watts brither than factory.
Looks like a good way to go, thanks for posting that. Do the lenses look smooth like in the photo, or do they have the more vintage looking grid in the glass?

Glad I checked back in on this thread or I would have missed this. Great way to go Doug, good job on sourcing these. Are the lights still working out? When you say the new lights are smaller, do you mean diameter or just depth? I've got to buy two sets for the Suburban 12 and Cub Cadet 147, and am really considering going this way. I'll have to watch HF for a sale on those.

Thanks for posting.
Me too. I'm wanting to put one on the back of each of my machines for a rear work light. Loving the dually GT_80.

1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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