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lights problem that was weird,but easy fix.

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Maybe this will help someone else sometime.The headlights on my Husqvarna failed last winter,and I just got around to checking 'em out yesterday. Didn't really need them,but thought I'd get ready for next winter while the weather was good to work in.
I went through the system following the schematic and everything tested alright ohm wise. I then started checking voltage,and seemed to have the voltage too. HMMMM...... now what ?? So I just used a small brush that is used for cleaning circuit boards on all of the connections from the switch to the bulbs. Voila! Let there be light ! Guess the probe points went through the dirt to make good connectins. Dusty conditions can play games with electrical connections. After getting things working I put shrink wrap over all of the connectors to help keep the dust out.
Just thought this might help someone sometime in the future.
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Thanks for the info. That is something that I need to do as well. Now I have another tool in my box to use.

Thanks again.
Thats a common dilema here in soggy southeastern MA,especially THIS year,with noting but rain rain rain!..I am forever having to clean corroded connections on wiring on everything I own that has a battery or wires,and everything else too!..things sit more than a week or two here and it corrodes on ya..

I dont know if shrink wrap will help though,maybe if you spray some white lube or put grease on the connections first it might help prevent corrosion,otherwise it may trap condensation and make it worse!..I find leaving things oily and greasy the best method to preven rust and corrosion here,I wish I had sprayed drian oil on my truck as soon as I got it and did it twice a year since,it wouldn't have rotted away like it has if I did..:(
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I bet you was using a digital tester... You wont have that problem with an analog one... Digital testers are no good for trouble shooting...
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