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Lifting the bushes

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Ford 2000; 3 cyl gas; 4/1 trans....I have some mature holly bushes and some privet hedge that I would like to pull up roots and all. Is it feasible to use my lift to pull these out of the ground? Trunks on the holly are 3"-5" diameter, smaller on the privet. If feasible, should I use a strap or chain? Anyone done this successfully? Any particular method of wrapping strap or chain? Thanks.
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I've used a 3pt drawbar with chocker chain. I've been pulling bar berry bushes out for the last two week. they also have something for pulling fence posts that would work on small trees. Check google or youtube.

Here is one of the rigs I use and Like Sean I also just hook with the chocker chain and pull to standard drawbar under the rear.


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