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Lift Arms???

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I need to take the lift arms off my '46 2n but see NO WAY to grab them with a puller..does anyone know HOW I can get them off without damaging them or the lift shaft? Any Help would be GREATLY Appreciated Thank You and HAVE A NICE DAY!!!
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A lot of heat and a big hammer. Penetrating oil squirted in the splines helps as well. Since I only have a handheld MAPP torch, I usually have to beat on the arms with my 3 lb. hand sledge until my arms will no longer move. An Oxy/sedline torch would be very helpful here.

Heat, heat and more heat, even then you may not move them. I have seen a few that had to be split to remove.
I used a bearing splitter and press to get mine apart when I was replacing the bushings.
heat and pounding on the diameters across from each other using 2 hammers. this enlarges the ID as it deforms the metal.. also breaks rust bonds.. lets oil penetrate too.

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