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Life in Central Texas (New adventures of larrybl)

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I guess I needed a new starting point too with the new place and all, so here it is. Too HOT to do anything right now, and dodging welcomed rain storms. I was able to load the last of the bricks and old steps up using BOH and the calico trailer. Craftsman's are under the pergola for the night. Plan tomorrow to place the wider steps at the back entrance till I can get to building the deck.


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We had 16 straight days of high humidity and high temperatures. My nice green grass is burnt brown. Saturday we had 5 inches of rain. Sunday 2 inches of rain. It rain today. 100% chance of rain the rest of week. I haven't cut the grass in three weeks. I use to tell my elderly mother if it gets too hot take a cold bath or shower a couple times a day.
Larry, I need one of those magnetic picker uppers. I had my roof replaced this spring. The roofer ran one of those around the house but didn't get all the nails up. I got a nail in the tractor tire, a nail in the rear tire of my jeep, and a nail in my tennis shoe.


Larry, You won't believe this. 16 years ago we replaced our washer and dryer at Sears with the cheapest ones they sell. We use them almost everyday and never had a problem with them.
Glad to hear it finally cooled down. Your yard looks nice and green. Are those shade trees you bought that are in the black containers?
Larry, Don't you just hate that. It stops raining and the it's sunny all day and now the ground is to wet to cut. Well at least the grass is growing and its green. Once a month I run the edger to edge the along the curb, sidewalk, and driveway. It takes about an hour to an hour and half. I'll edge around the mulch areas too. My right arm and back hurt so much from using the edger that I pay someone else to do it.
Well Larry, Guess what? we got a new roof and I got a nail in my jeep tire, tractor tire, and my (ouch) tennis shoe.


Larry, after the roof was installed they ran a magnetic roller was used around the yard and driveway and it picked up most nails. They had a small magnetic wan they used in the mulch areas. A couple days later we had heavy rains and I think these nails were in the gutter and when it rained they came out through the down spout and into the driveway. You think I would see them since my driveway is concrete white and the nails have a rust color. They were suppose to clean the gutters and place a gutter cover on but they did it a month later.
My tractor tire is not leaking so I left the nail in it. That was 6 months ago. I've been using the tractor every week.
That's amazing.
One day I was at my brothers house 80 miles away from mine,and as I was about to leave,he stood next to my van's drivers side window and we talked for a few minutes--a light drizzle was falling,and he stooped down to listen,said he heard something "squealing"...closer inspection revealed a galvanized deck screw with a phillips head was stuck in the tire tread,and the rain was bubbling up around it and making the squealing noise..

He said "Oh-Oh--you have a deck screw in your tire!--and I'm out of tire plugs,I just used the last one the other day"..--(He had a Snap-On tire plugging gun that took special plugs that look like rubber bullets)...he said "hold on a minute--let me make sure I don't have the other type you shove in left"..
He went in his garage,didn't find any..I usually carry some in my vehicles,along with a 12V compressor--but didn't have any tire plugs with me this trip,just the compressor..

My brother went back in his garage and returned with a phillips screwdriver,and a tube of black silicone RTV ,and he unscrewed the screw a bit,and put some RTV under the head of it,and tightened it back up until it was below flush with the tread..the leak stopped!..
I waited about 15 minutes before driving off,and prayed I'd make it home without getting a flat...not only did the van make it home,I parked it,and I used two other vehicles I had registered and road legal to get to work and cruise around in for the next few weeks--mostly my van only got used on longer trips when I'd go camping,or sleep over at a concert site,etc..

I completely forgot about the screw being in the tire--and I drove the van the next summer to Nashville TN,and all over New England,without any troubles..then one day I noticed some steel cords were showing on the edges of the left front tire,so I went and got another "good used" tire to put on the rim--when I dismounted it,I sliced my hand open on the screw,which was poking inside the tire,it was about 3" long--and I suddenly remembered that day at my brothers house!--"OH YEAH!"...:tango_face_surprise..
The head of the screw was paper thin,and ready to punch thru the tire!..

The inside of the tire had some severe scuffing going on,from the screw rubbing against the sidewall--if it hadn't gone bald then,I bet it would have popped in another 50 miles!..

Since that incident I now try to keep tire plugs with me,but I dont always have any..I keep a few screws with countersunk heads in my tool box and have used a few as tire plugs with RTV in a pinch,and its worked every time..
I had a screw in one of my tractors front tires for years,I put one in after I ran a board with nails sticking out over,and I wanted to finish mowing before it got long as it still held air,I never bothered to plug the tire or replace it...
I don't use my Jeep GPS. I use the phone app WAZE. It even alerts you radar ahead. It's very accurate.
Larry, You don't have comcast cable or fios in your area?
Larry, Here's one made by Alamo out of Texas. Police swat could use this thing. By the way, they cost 50 grand.

Interesting day at work, I heard the Parks Department mowing out side my office, so I peeked out and saw this..... I watched him for a good 1/2 hour. That bank was steep, and the mower had trouble climbing it but no wheel spin. He had to come up the mowed side then mow going down. The hydro wines a lot on one of these, but the engine didn't bog any.
Larry, I notice you get that Estrella station 44-3. You ever watch that. Its a mexican station that has some hilarious shows in the evening. I came across scanning channels. Here's a sample of one show on YouTube.

Larry, Years ago before we got cable television we use to have an antenna that rotates 360 degrees to get the best reception for each station. The inside antenna dial when you rotate it, the outside antenna would turn.
A problem developed with the new antenna. It has been uber windy here, and every time I got into watching a show the antenna would turn. being a very directional antenna this was frustrating as I would have to turn it back using a pipe wrench. I added another brace, then installed self tap screws. These pipes are supposed to be notched inside to prevent spinning, but mine were cut down over time. At least it stays put now.
Larry, the weather must be nice down there. It must be 70's or 80's. More than half of the country had sub zero temperatures this past week with snow on the ground and your out cutting the grass. Maybe I should move down there. I can deal with the heat, but not the mosquitoes. They would eat me alive.
I wouldn't mine having some of that 85 degree weather, shorts on, laying out in the sun, getting a tan, drinking an ice cold beer, smelling freshly cut grass. Unfortunately, I have to wait another two or three months.
Larry, I agree, this is the time to do it while its still cold out you may be able get a deal on the AC units. Closer you get to spring or summer the price may rise knowing how hot it gets there.
Been doing some brain storming lately. The inside Shop A/C has given up the ghost, so I started looking for a reasonable replacement. The Heat situation is covered so a dual A/C-Heat unit is not needed. A window A/C will be fine. I already have a 5K Btu unit in one window. The Inside unit is real inefficient so I am thinking another Window unit. Checking on line, and for a 18' X 24' area a 12K Btu unit is recommended. I couldn't find a 110V 12K Btu window unit that will fit in a 21.5W X 17.0H window space. I did find a 6K Btu unit that will, so I am picking one up tomorrow. Now I have to re-arrange a wall full of tools to beable to swap the locations of the computer desk with a white work bench to have access to the other shop window. Fun stuff. Oh, it is supposed to be in the 30's later this weekend, so now is the time to be thinking of shop cooling.
Larry, Buy online from Home Depot or Lowes and if it doesn't fit just take to the store and get a credit on it. I know Walmart and Best Buy sells them.
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