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Life in Central Texas (New adventures of larrybl)

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I guess I needed a new starting point too with the new place and all, so here it is. Too HOT to do anything right now, and dodging welcomed rain storms. I was able to load the last of the bricks and old steps up using BOH and the calico trailer. Craftsman's are under the pergola for the night. Plan tomorrow to place the wider steps at the back entrance till I can get to building the deck.


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Hey Larry congrats on the new home, it's a beauty. Btw, I can relate to the temps; wife had our thermostat set at 82 when I came in from mowing today and it chilled me to the bone after leaving 100+ & high humidity
It's a shame that I am sitting in the Man Cave at 90* and it feels comfortable because it is 111* outside right now.
It's a hot one here today
Yeah when the weather is hot and humid like we're all seeing it's a dread having to go out to do anything, much less any yard work. The bad thing is if you go out too early before the dew has evaporated it's doubly bad on mowers, blades & decks and it doesn't do the grass any good either.
It was almost this bad yesterday when I trimmed the front yard only at mid morning and mowed most of our place mid to late afternoon but I didn't finish due to the conditions. That's for another day.
50 - 30 years ago the heat and humidity was tolerable; now at over 66 with congestive heart failure and on a boat load of meds & blood thinners it only takes a brief outing in the intense heat and humidity for me to holler "calf rope":(
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