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LGT 18H Hydrostatic Pump Problem

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The U joints were bad on my LGT 18h causing it to vibrate. I replaced the drive shaft and the vibration went away. I was mowing my lawn this weekend and the hydrostatic pump became very hot and shot the fluid out the front of the pump around the shaft. I think the vibration caused the seals to go bad on the hydro pump. I believe the pump is an Eaton model 11 Can these pumps be rebuilt? Where is a good sorce for parts/rebuild kit? or anyone have one laying around they want to get rid of? What kind of job is it to rebuild these pumps? Any web sites around with information? I have searched google for information.
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Check here:Jacobsen_Ford_Garden_Tractors · The Best Jacobsen/Ford Group On Yahoo. I believe they have info on how to rebuild these Eaton units. Be sure you don't have any clogs or a clogged oil filter.
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