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LGT 18H Drive shaft problems

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Hi all I am new to this site and need some help. I just purchased a 1989-1991? LGT 18H with a drive shaft problem. The U joints were worn out and the yokes rubbed causing dammage beyond repair. New Holland wants way to much for a drive shaft assembly $816.86. I am unable to find any information about the small sized U joints. Has anyone repaired or replaced their drive shaft? What did you use? Any idea where I could get a used one? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Located in Muskegon Michigan
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i just picked up a lawn boy gt 18h chassis/rear which is the same thing. my u joint is stuck at the moment but i'll either lube it up or adapt another that connects direct to the shafts (shaft/and engine). no problem as theres no engine yet to mount to and so far the rear looks good. the fan is busted up and i'll see if the lift switch works ok.

i'm curious if anyone knows of another rear that will match up well for a 4x4 setup. also how should i run off the hydro? i was debating using the "lift" line as part of the steering.

i'd consider using a seperate pump/rear if there are any ideas of how to sync up the controls.

i might just use the rear to drive and balance it out with a trailer and have it articulate and steer between the main and the trailer. like a micro forwarder.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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