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LGT 18H Drive shaft problems

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Hi all I am new to this site and need some help. I just purchased a 1989-1991? LGT 18H with a drive shaft problem. The U joints were worn out and the yokes rubbed causing dammage beyond repair. New Holland wants way to much for a drive shaft assembly $816.86. I am unable to find any information about the small sized U joints. Has anyone repaired or replaced their drive shaft? What did you use? Any idea where I could get a used one? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Located in Muskegon Michigan
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There is a web site called He offered to make a drive shaft for my LGT14H. I have not taken him up on the offer yet. I heard another guy had his u-joints replaced at a shop that services tractor trailers. It seems the u-joints they use on the crank to lift the trailer is just the right size for the LGT drive shaft.
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