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Here are the pics of my LGT 165 that I am going to try and get going again. It hasn't ran in at least five years. It did run fine when parked. The deck hasn't been used for a long time. For some reason my Grandpa didn't use it and I cant remember why?

I have used this tractor quite a bit but dont know much about them and hoping its not in two bad of shape. A couple of concerns I have are the caked on oily grime all over the rear axle and hubs/wheels and finding a replacement grill. I think everything else can be cleaned up enough for me.

One question I have is I didn't see any pto front or rear, was that an option on these tractors? Also can the 3 point be added to any tractor?

Any thoughts, comments, ideas are greatly appreiciated.




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If it has a hydraulic lift for the mower deck then you can add a 3-point. The front PTO is behind the grill. There should be an electric clutch on a pair of pulleys. I believe that's where the belt went to drive the mower deck. This should have a 16hp engine. Grease and grime on the hydro rear is pretty normal. After you clean it up a bit you can check the hydro level, looking at the rear there is a pipe plug in the upper right side, above the trailer ball.

Welcome to the forum and good luck getting her to run again.
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