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lgt 145 parts

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Hi all,

I recently bought a lgt 145 tractor. Had some fun getting it running ie fix gas tank, fuel lines, filters, coil, points, but now the electric clutch coil has gone out of it. The tractor dealers tell me it can't be ordered and my lawn is starting to get long. I saw a clutch on ebay for a john deere 318 that looks similiar but I'll have to get some shaft measurements before I can tell for sure.

Anyone know where I can get this part? Is there other tractor models I can search for that would use the same clutch?

thanks, Jeff
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You might want to give this outfit a call. I noticed that they have at least one clutch for Jacobsen.
Ford LGT100, 120, 125, 145, 165 all use that same clutch. Might just be a broken wire on yours...Have you checked it out?

BTW...Williams, welcome to the forum....Where in Ont are you?
When I first checked it out, I wasn't exactly sure what I was looking for. I ensured power was getting to the clutch. There is a magnetic field when power is applied, but it doesn't seem to be strong enough to engage the clutch. I took it to the local dealer and they told me it was dead. I'm not completely convinced. Resistance between the power lead and ground is 4.2 ohms. When I get some time, I'll clean the connections up some more and try it again.

I tried they aren't much into clutches. He recommended a guy who was: they aren't into fords, and so it goes... I did find one in Alberta for $600.

Just moved to Beaverton
Heres one on eBay........


Still kind of pricey for a used one.......especially with the shipping and UPS charges that spring up shipping up here to Canada

I would be checking yours out 1st....
There's one on e-bay. Here's the link:|66:2|39:1|72:1205|293:3|294:50.
Sure beats $600. They do come up from time to time and don't always go for
$200. I've seen them go for about $60 give or take a little. Good luck in your quest for the answer.
I think I have one still out in the yard. I'll try and remember to check tomorrow. Send me a PM so I don't forget to check back here. You could have it considerably cheaper than that one on ebay.
so get this. I wiped the thing off with a rag, and cleaned up the ground screw when I tested the resistance. I hooked it up to the battery charger, and sure enough, I heard the click.

Turns out when my wife took the clutch to the tractor dealer to 'diagnose', they just looked at it and told her we need a new one.

Thanks for your help everyone. Next time I'll clean everything before I assume something's busted.
You can also take a look at the gap between the clutch disk and pressure plate. This should be adjustable and I think the gap should be arounf 0.012 inch, measured at 3 locations. If this is too wide the clutch may not pull in.
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