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Hey all, I posted a while back about a 145 that was given to me for free... I had a chance to use it on Saturday for the first time... :)
Wow, I am really impressed with the limited slip differential... Didn't even know it had that untill I chanced upon that info earlier in the week. I have a very steep gravel driveway, and have to repair it regularly from washouts, typically hauling gravel back up from the bottom to the washed out areas.

The driveway is about 350 feet long and has a rise of about 60 vertical feet ( its steeper than any road I know of)

My Sears Suburban does this fine, but, usually makes a mess out of the drive spinning the tires trying to pull my wagon and 200 - 300 pounds of gravel with it.
The ford worked admirably, and never once spun the tires at all!!!
On the sears I was often off the back seat and standing on the trailler hitch to keep the weight as far back as possible, ( this is with wheel weights) but with the ford, I just drove on up, no weights on at all. I am looking forward to winter and the new snowblower, as gettting up the hill was a game of chance last winter if it was really thick.

Anyways, just wanted to say I love the tranny in my ford so far. Next up for me is to get some body pannels from my late 70's LGT parts machine onto my early 70's LGT... This could get ugly, I think I need a saw.
Once thats done, the parts machine has a rear PTO, :)
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