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LGT 125 Steering Adjustment/Fix

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Hello to all! I'm in the process of changing head gasket, cleaning, painting, bushings, and overall maintenance and I'm somewhat stumped on the steering assembly- what does adjusting the stud lever figure # 11 do? Is it more like a tension pin for the steering?
See diagram here-

My steering bracket/column wiggles (only held by 1 bracket kind of wimpy), and when I turn wheels all the way to the right the whole bracket flexes a bit, the steering is also maxed out both ways to the point that the spindles hit the front axle. Is there a limit adjustment? The steering has minimal play/wear so I don't believe that is the issue, it is just loose overall it seems as if it doesn't have any tension to stop it from turning by itself.

Also is it possible that the oil dipstick is the wrong length? Mine shows that it takes about 2 qts to fill and the k301 only takes 1 1/2 so I think the previous owner didn't realize this and was over filling (as did I) because of the amount of build up on the head and pistons (bad!) and burnt a good amount of oil. What is the length from cap to end of stick?

Thanks in advance!
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The steering column on my 165 moves too. The rubber bushing where it comes out of the dash, was missing. I slipped a piece of radiator hose around the top of the column, where it comes out of the dash. It still moves, but not as much.
What generation LGT do you have ? '72-'76 or '78-'82? Makes a difference , as they have different steering linkages. Same for the engines, different oilpans.
Funny that you mention the rubber bushing on the dash steering column, I notice yesterday mine does not have one either.

Sorry forgot the info....Tractor is a 1972 spec# 47502D Ser# 6107186 engine model K301AS it is the welded oil pan.

Thanks for the reply!
My manual for mine says it takes 4.5 pints of oil to fill it. This for my '72 LGT 125.
As for sloppy steering column , mine is totally solid, only play is from the worn plastic column bushing for the shaft . And that is slight at most.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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