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Lets get to know each other

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I just thought I let you guys know a little about me and maybe you could do the same, Kind of like Obama gettin a white cop and a black guy together for a beer, HA. I've got a real quick wit and sense of humor, don't be afraid to give me a good comeback or zinger, I don't mind at all. I'm 51, been here in NE Oklahoma since my car broke down here, September '82. I was born in Switzerland and immigrated here when I was 8. We grew up in Kansas, UGH, I left as soon as I could, then I spent 6 years US Army Infantry, traveled AROUND, until settling here. I used to do a lot of things for money, now I earn an honest living in the Paint and Remodel business. I have one son 25 and one beautiful granddaughter I really only like to work enough to pay for bills and buy tractors. I just got married at the end of June, after 12 years on the loose, and I mean, unsupervised, halfway dangerous, no plan, wandering the 4 corners in an oblivious stupor loose, so basically nothing has changed. Mike
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You sure that's a good idea? I'm gettin old, patience gettin short, and will shoot a thief if I catch him!
Sounds like a good life.... So... Tell use some of your adventures...
I am South Dakota born and bred. Grew up on a ranch west of the Missouri. I work in the Fiber optic field for an engineering company. I've been to Antarctica and also spent a year Island hopping for the DOD a couple of years ago. I got started messing with these old lawn tractors trying to find something these kids couldn't tear up mowing this 2.5 acre yard we have. It's rougher than a cob with a ditch going through the middle.
Now I seem to find myself buying and selling these darned things and the phone rings and emails are a flying with people looking for used riders.
I don't know if I'll ever fix one up enough to to actually show it. I'd have to hang onto it long enough I suppose.
Now I have people dropping such things off as weed whips, roto-tillers, push mowers and riders. The wife gets on me so I gotta fix them and get them out of here.
It amazes me how easily people give up on something they spend good money on.

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I am 33, married and have three kids. I was born and raised in York, pa and made my way to carlisle. I drove truck and was an owner operator for about 10 years. I am now an estimator. I think I suffer from ADD as my obsessions change almost as much as my underwear LOL. I just got started on the old garden tractor thing a couple months ago and I am addicted already. I don't see this obsession wearing off too quickly. I don't know how many more I will get as we don't have the room and I don't want them sitting outside. If I sell my little f100 I would have a lot more room so we will see.
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I am 14, and have lived here in Taunton, MA all my life.I started on these Masseys back in last Octobere when I was trying to make some money off lawn tractors and found my first MF10 and 12 down in Rhonde Island. I now have 5 Masseys, 2 12hs 2 12gs and 1 10. My parents are starting to get on me abotu all th tractors that i have, but I plan to get rid of the others andd collect these masseys. I am also a Ford nut, which is where my username came from- my grandfatrher's '84 Mustang GT with a 5 spd, 302 cid engine, and a T-roof.
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I run a small garden landscaping business over in England, came on here initially to find out what was wrong with my tractor when it wasn't working at full speed....3 months ago or so, since then had various other prob's which the 'tractor buffs' on here have kindley helped me out with.

Don't have much of a mechanical knowledge on tractors etc...hence I've started a few threads asking for help. Having studied plant sciences at uni and got a 3-yr non stop working knowledge in forestry and landscaping I'm of more use in the landscape discussions.

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I grew up in central Oklahoma on a cattle farm. I spent seven summers traveling around the country cutting wheat while in high school and college. I graduated from Oklahoma State University (go Cowboys) in 94 in Engineering. I worked for JI Case Corp where I was a test engineer for the loader backhoe division in Burlington IA. That was a fun job but got chilly there in the winter. I moved back home in 98 to work for Tinker Air Force Base where I am a systems design engineer in aerospace. I was married for 13 years and after nearly a 3 year battle finally was divorced last spring. I have 4 kids but the two younger visit the most. The ex recently moved to Tulsa so I'm starting my battle all over again going for custody. So Massey rebuilding will be minimal...I was still able to keep my collection of big tractors, I've had GTO's, Trans Am's, Camaro's etc, a half dozen motorcycles....I had a Cub Cadet 1250 at one time...neat mower. My parents have 200 acres and I live next door. Dad has a large tractor collection himself. He has a mid 70's sears Garden Tractor that he bought new and I started mowing on when I was about 8. It runs off propane. I could ramble on and on about my soap opera life but this is it for now....
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