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LED Blower Light

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Just thought I'd show and tell.
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Very impressive, useful modification and very nicely done. Who manufactures the lights and were you able to get them locally or did you have to order them?

Looks good. Will they get warm enough to melt the snow when it gets on them? Have you thought about raising them up some with a couple of long metal strips and then angling the lights down? slkpk
Very nice! Great work, and good idea. I'd have them stuffed into the snow here though...when I get hard pressed to use a blower, it's usually deeper than the blower itself =]
I'm not sure how much if any heat these lights generate. Lucky for me I park in a heated garage and unlucky being in N IL we don't normally get more than a 6 or 8" snowfall. I bought the lights off ebay 4 for $100. I used two on this tractor and so far I put one on the cab of my other tractor up north. The 4th one I haven't decided if it should be facing forward or backwards on the tractor up north. We will see as the year progresses.
Nice job on the lights, with all the snow we have been getting here in the NE the last few years i figured i'd better raise mine up a bit higher. :trink39:
I've used lights on my blower for many years. Works real well most of the time. But, I will be moving mine up higher and mounting them off the blower mounting brackets, because when you have the blower raised while backing up etc.. The lights do tend to shake a little more than I would like them too.

I will do something similiar to hangtastic's except mine won't be above the hood height.
Hang those look like the same lights I got. Because they came with the same ear tabs. Do they get warm enough to melt the snow off of them
Yea, same lights. I dont think they get hot enough to melt snow off of them. They get warm at best. **** of a light though, i love how bright they are.
Hang those look like the same lights I got. Because they came with the same ear tabs. Do they get warm enough to melt the snow off of them

Lights look great, I really like the way you ran the wiring.

Nice thing about those LED's (apart from them being very bright) is that they don't add too much of a load to your electrical syslem.

I think you wasted your time though, it's not gonna snow in N. Illinois this year :)
TD you are probably right. The only good news is this is my 2nd Legacy with a blower setup so I'm really not that anxious to use it. My other Legacy is at our place in N WI. It has a single stage and a hard cab on it. It gets a pretty good work out up there. But even up North they haven't seen much for snow this year. Normally by this time of year they have a few feet on the ground. As of yesterday they only have a few inches. Crazy weather.
Very nice wire job. nice and clean..
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