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leaky kohler

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Hey guys and gals
I got a f687 JD mower that started to leak engine oil, its a 23 hp kohler
with only 151 hours on it . I always liked kohler engines , as we have had
a few that seem bullet proof ( we had a craftsman that we got in 1991
and that had a kohler that we never had a problem with until i gave
it to a friend OOOOPS , It had about 3000 hrs on it ) now here is the
big question , is the tech manual worth buying , 80 bucks U.S. and
has anyone ever had to work on these engines for the same problem.
Or should I take it to J.D. and have them fix $$$$$$$$ . As its sold as
a commercial mower there is no warranty , I only use it around the
acreage .
Thanks for any help
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where is it leaking from? could be an easy fix.
I know its not drain plug , filter or rear seal, can't get good look to see
where its leaking from . Just wanted to know if anyone else had to
pull one of these engines out and if the manual was any good . Oil
is dripping from bottom of frame but can't trace back to source .
Go to the Kohler website and you can get a FREE yes FREE tech manual via pdf! Cool huh!

You will need your model number..
I just went to the site that you had a link to and down loaded the
manual i needed , thank you so much its going to be a great help
when i do the tear down to fix the leak.
thanks again
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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