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leaking gas tank..

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My MF12 gas tank has leaked since I bought it, I knew this and therefor never put more than a quart of gas in it at a time. I finally got to take the tank off yesterday and was surprised at what I found.... One end polished up like new stainless steel and the other end was so rusty it is as ruff as a grinding wheel. Then along the edge that rest along the tank support is severely pitted but not rusted, go figure. Anyway I am seeking some opinions on how to identify the leaking area (s) and how to repair them.... My first thought was to mix up a bunch of JB Weld and put it on like "Bondo" and grind it down. Someone suggested a liquid repair kit but $40 seems like too much to spend on a $10 tank...
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Yes, the Kreem kit costs some $'s....but it will never leak again if used properly. You can fix that spot, but sooner or later, another pinhole will come through. BTW...that Kreem kit will do 2 or 3 of those tanks at least.
Far better than a fire!
If it helps.. You can do a tank for me and not feel as bad! LOL
Send it to me, I will practice on yours,then do mine. Whichever comes out the best I will send you the other. Deal??:thThumbsU

The kit is called "Kreem" ? and you said "if done right" does that mean this stuff is a pain in the a** to work with??
Well, the tank I have that is rough fits my John Deere 112 so it may be more work to fit it to your Massey! :fing32:

I do have one of the super long Massey tanks that some idiot let a gas can lean on the fill port and collapsed the neck. One of these days, I may try to fix it somehow with a new neck.
If you are serious and want a tank to practice on, I can send it out to you. Drop me a PM and we can exchange info. I had planned to replace it so if it does not work as planned or if you screw it up, it's no loss. If it works... even better! It's smaller than the Massey tank too. I am also in no hurry at all, because the JD is a longer term project that I just started on.
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what ever you do don,t try to braze it.yesterday I spent 3 hrs trying to fill holes on a s 12 d .3 and a half rods later said to h666 with it .finally got smart and threw it away.brass is not cheap.19 dollars for 6 sticks.and I really knew better than to even try.did the same thing 40 years ago with the same results.some people never learn.this tank is the short stubby one.mighty hard to find.wish I would of heard about that product before I tryed brazeing.a day late and a dollar short again.
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