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I've been on the hunt for a tiller for my Sovereign and on Saturday we stopped at a gentleman's house who contacted me that he had one he wants to get rid of. It turns out he bought an Agco branded Conquest and is just done with the older stuff and cuts us a deal to take it all away. $200 later we're loading up a lot of stuff that keeps coming out of the barn and into the trailer.

Vehicle Auto part Scrap Metal Engine

Tiller, rear grader blade, vacuum collector, two snow blowers

Auto part Vehicle Wheel

A fabricated hitch is bolted to the sleeve hitch back blade and a chain to a bar that gets inserted into the rear lift. Also the idler assembly for the tiller, which I was afraid would not be present.

Motor vehicle Vehicle Car Tire Automotive wheel system

3416H who's engine is out, but accounted for with an electric lift and a working vickers (of course I find a hydro after I'm done with the 3 speed Sovereign build)

Land vehicle Motor vehicle Vehicle Car Off-roading

7016 with the first sunstrand we got our hands on

Vehicle Wood Insect

Collection cart for the vacuum

Vehicle Tractor Soil Tire Automotive wheel system

The stepchild of the deal; a 6216 that needs to find a home

Construction equipment Vehicle Bulldozer Auto part Scrap

16HP briggs (starter generator and carb are accounted for) two sets of weights and the seat for the 6216

Land vehicle Vehicle Asphalt Car Construction equipment

And of course what I primarily wanted, the tiller.

So on to my question; I want to setup the vacuum to be used as a roving nozzle to get into corners and behind bushes and don't particularly care about the deck attachment portion. (The turbo bagger on the Conquest will handle that) Whats the best deal in 7" ID hose for this purpose? I priced out some options online that were explicitly for this task and the prices make my head spin. I read that some have tried flexible driveway drain pipe, but no reports back to say how that went. I have seen stove pipe used for the discharge side of the blower, but obviously that won't help me on the intake side. Any idea, no matter how crazy, is appreciated. (Bonus points if it includes a wife approved reason to rebuild the hydro Sovereign) :hide:

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Great score! Can you find more othe tubing like what you have pictured? Mine isn't long enough to reach far, but if I pull the tractor beside my bushes our front, I just pop the hose off the deck adapter and rome around the bushes with it. I don't have much to do, otherwise it would get old, fast with the short hose.

What's the plan with the seat? Is it in decent shape...looks like it may be. I need a seat for my Homelite, but haven't really shopped yet.

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The hose that I have is very brittle and I don't suspect it will last long. I have a toro leaf blower that has a "vac" that uses similar hose and it's mostly tape. My father has a cyclone rake and those hoses are certainly what one wants, if you can pay the money. I found a separate engine ag-fab unit that is missing the motor but has all the hoses and cart. Perhaps as a glorified trailer I can get it cheap, otherwise the quest will continue.
The seat is a lot rougher than it looks in the picture. It's ripped up at the top and bottom and it's full of water (I hope it's water!).
Any idea what a non-running 6216 is worth?
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