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LB F Series 2 Stroke Motors

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I am looking for a replacement motor for my LB mdl 10415 walk behind mower. According to LB, assembled short blocks are no longer available, but the pieces are all available still. As I am not yet ready to take on a 2 stroke rebuild, I was wondering if anyone has a source for these motors. The motor is an F series 4.5 horse and came on most of the LB walk behind mulchers in the early 90's.
I would consider a quality, I mean with a warranty, rebuilt motor if one is available.
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Move your inquiry over to the "Walk Behind Mowers" within MyTractorForum. There are so many fellows rebuilding Lawn-Boy engines that you'd be astonished. They are so incredibly simple to rebuild that 3 weeks ago, that I used Lawn-Boy rebuilding as a way to let the female in my life begin feeling more comfortable about restoring mechanical things to working order. I obtained two non-working Lawn-Boys with model numbers close together. They turned out to have been manufactured 3 years apart. I asked her to pick one and I'd take the other, then we'd rebuild them. The process was slower since I kept explaining things to her, but she did 100% of the work. When it was assembled, it started on the third pull and sounds great. She had the rings off the piston. She wanted to see what needle bearings are like, so she took the rod-crank needle bearing apart and repacked it with Vasoline so they wouldn't fall out during reassembly. She removed and hand lapped the reed valve and when she was done it sealed better than when it left the factory. Cleaned carbon from the muffler. All the usual things. When she was done, she was so damned proud that she was just about glowing. She emailed her friends telling them about her victory. She was smiling more for days. The value of that lawn mower was trivial compared to what it did for her. Trust me, you CAN restore that "F-series" Lawn-Boy engine to operation and you might even feel good about the experience later.

So please touch base with the fellows in the "Walk Behind Mower" group.
They will help you with any questions you might have.
Do mention your machine's model number and describe the behavior it displayed before it quit running.
Some very gracious people frequent these forums.

It just occurred to me that you might want to have someone else rebuild it for you. I'm confident that someone reasonably close to your geographical location participates in that forum and would probably restore it to operation for you for a lower than dealer price. Explore your options.
Greetings, Codysdadone. Welcome to MTF! Glad you joined in.

As Mr. Lovelearn said, you'll get all the help you desire down in the Walkbehind section at the bottom of the home page. I have asked one of the moderators of this particular forum to copy your post down there, so when you check back, drop down there for some good info. You will get some questions asked regarding symptoms, condition, model numbers, etc.

This is not going to be a hard task. Even if you do have to end up getting a shortblock, you should be able to go used with minimal overall expense.

While you are at it, stop in at the introduction section and post a bit about yourself.

Enjoy your visits here, and be sure to check out all that the site has to offer.
The F is about the easiest engine there is to rebuild. With the support, knowledge, and resources here you could rebuild it no problem.

Another option is to send it to one of us that do alot of rebuilds and we could rebuild it for you, if you really don't want to mess with it. It's pretty fun to do though.
WELCOME to MTF! Glad to hear we got one more person with the fever. Ha Ha. Sorry i dont have any F blocks. I might have a F block for a push non SP. I havent decided if i want to part it or not.
Rebuilding these engines truly is easy. Might be fun to give it a try if you have the time and a few simple tools.
LoveLearn, HOLD ON TO THAT WOMAN!! My wife could care less about mechanical things.

Then again, I could care less about sewing and scrapbooking... :rolleyes:
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