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While talking and sipping coffee this morning, our team came to the realization that we haven’t really told anyone who we are and how we got started. We agreed that this is a slightly embarrassing oversight but we are not wallflowers! So, here’s our story…
The idea of making a site that specializes in tires that roll on dirt and grass started from six people whose desks overlook an enormous warehouse full of tires of all kinds– including lawn and garden tires. Of course, these tires are different than passenger and light truck tires. So, we thought that maybe we should treat them differently. Maybe, we dedicate a website to just Carlisle lawn, garden and golf tires?
We made another pot of coffee and did a little research.
We found out that many people can’t easily find tires for their riding lawn mower. Some folks we spoke to didn’t know that they could install these tires themselves. Finally, it didn’t appear that there were a lot of resources out there to help consumers make an informed buying decision. No, buying lawn and garden tires is not rocket science, but there are some things people should probably know. Above all, people should know that this is simple stuff and there are people here that can help.
So, you know what we did? That’s right. Nothing.
You see, we know tons about tires. Websites? Not so much.
Months later, we met a new buddy who lives out on the Left Coast. He doesn’t wear socks and drinks a lot of tea. But, it turns out that folks out that way know as much about websites as we do about tires. We compared notes. Four days later, was officially launched. Okay, we admit that there were a few all-nighters mixed in there that featured mediocre pizza and below average jokes, but we ended up with a site that we really think makes buying lawn and garden tires simple. (Free shipping can’t hurt either!)
We sold our first tire 26 minutes after we went live.
Since then, our site has been updated several times. Thanks to the guidance of our Left Coast buddy, we were able to make a lot of these updates ourselves. Most recently, we have added the Carlisle HD Field Trax. In the coming months, we plan to release several new enhancements to the site that we think people are really going to like. is located near Canton, Ohio. This is where your calls are answered and emails are read. We also have warehouses in Maryland and Virginia. In all three warehouses we have about 18,000 tires in stock so there is a pretty good chance we have what you’re looking for.
Our gang can be found here: There’s a little picture of some of us at the bottom-left of the page. Two of us are a little camera-shy and the last one has an outstanding parking ticket issue, among other things. From the left of the picture to the right we have Dylan, Jacob, Brian and Daniel (that’s me)! As you can see, we are real people who know far too much about lawn and garden tires to be considered healthy by most standards.
We still wear socks. Half of us now drink tea instead of coffee.
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