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Lawnboy D Series running problems

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Hi all and Happy New Year.
As the weather is mild here in the UK I decided to give the grass a tidy up and got my 1967 lawnboy (the exact model escapes me) out. Last time I used it I had to push the prime button a few times to stop it cutting out and after a few mins it was running very smooth (as it always has done). Today it took me about 5 mins to get it to run properly and had to have it set to heavy not normal for the first 10 mins or so otherwise it would cut out (could be saved with a push of the primer).
I'm guessing it's a fuel/carb issue but not sure what, anyone have any ideas?
Thanks in advance, John
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Did you try to dial in the carb? Sometimes they just need a little adjustment to run correctly due to small changes. Turn the adjustment needle in to lightly seat and then out 2 full turns. Start mower and let it warm up. If if won't stay running without priming, open the needle 1/2 turn. Now assuming it will stay running and is warmed up, turn the needle in slowly to smoothest running and then continue until it starts to falter. Then turn out slowly to best running and then an additional 1/2 turn as you don't want to run a 2 stroke at best lean running. If that does not work then it could be a mechanical issue such as a leaking seal, bad leaking primer (although that usually causes a rich condition, bad gasket on carb, etc. Good luck! Bill
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