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Well guys, I went to go have a look at the commercial deck for the lawnboy 7050 project

The good: It looks like brand new. No cracks, dents, dings, you name it. There is obiously peeling paint, but its no big deal.

The Bad: Its not his. Its a customers who straight gassed the motor about 3 years ago. He was going to put a new motor on it, but my buddy lost the guys number. So hes gonna try to call him and see if he wants it back. If he doesnt get a hold of him, hes going to sell it to me cheap.

The Worse: There is no mounting plate!!!!! So this means ill have to magiver my old one to fit it or buy a new one.

An added Bonus: It even comes with the old recoil on it "Model 10600" and it will fit my lawnboy 22261!!!! :bannana:

So Im going back up their next weekend to see what the deal is. Who knows...
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