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Lawn tractor not going in reverse.

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My wife's uncle has a 3 year old Cub Cadet. Not sure of the model number.
He says it just barely creeps in reverse. This happened last year and he took it to a Cub Cadet dealer and they adjusted something.
Now it not going into reverse again.

Anyone have a clue what could cause that?
How to adjust that?

BTW - I already advised him to go find his manual that he got when he bought the tractor.
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i assume this is a hydro unit? if so then either the reverse linkage needs adjustment or the hydro is weak due to old oil. an oil change will bring it back to life IF it ain't past the point of no return. and even if the dealer says it does not need oil changes, IT DOES.
just look at the reverse pedal and follow the linkage. usually you can tell what to do.

as far as the age of the machine that does not matter. it is the number of hours on it that determines when the oil should be changed. most lower end machien that do not have a recommended schedule for oil in the tranny should be changed at the first 50 horus then every 200 after.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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