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Lawn tractor not going in reverse.

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My wife's uncle has a 3 year old Cub Cadet. Not sure of the model number.
He says it just barely creeps in reverse. This happened last year and he took it to a Cub Cadet dealer and they adjusted something.
Now it not going into reverse again.

Anyone have a clue what could cause that?
How to adjust that?

BTW - I already advised him to go find his manual that he got when he bought the tractor.
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Yes, it's a hydro unit.
It's only 3 years old. I do know it's been in the shop several times in 3 years. I don't know when the oil was last changed.
I'm guessing that I would have to know which model exactly, before I can ask how to adjust the linkage?
Ok, Thanks! :thThumbsU

I'll ask him about the oil.
Also, I'll tell him to follow that linkage from the reverse pedal.
Maybe, I'll give him a hand with this critter.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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