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Lawn Sweeper versus Bagger JD X300

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I have a need to get grass clippings off of my lawn!! Just planted some new bermuda and had to fertilize to get it to alot of clippings.

Have a JD X300. Had a JD116 with bagger for years and it worked great with leaves as well. Now need something for new JD....don't have alot of leaves/trees in my yard, but aging parents do. Does lawn sweeper do the job for clippings and leaves? Or should I just purchase another bagger? Or is the sweeper mainly for leaves? Price is around $500 for bagger and JD lawn sweeper is around $260....:greendr:
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You wouldn't need to go over the complete lawn with the sweeper.
Has anybody cut, raked and baled hay or straw?
If you mow pointing your grass exit side of the mower towards the uncut part of your lawn and keep doing that, you will keep cutting your clippings as well as make a nice row of cut grass. You can then pickup the row of grass with your sweeper with just a few passes.
I actually saw on a farm sale around here that a guy had built what looked like a hay rake for his lawn mower so he could rake his clippings before sweeping them. Ah, the joys of retirement. :fing32:
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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