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I like to mow back and forth, so that every other pass is blowing grass onto mowed lawn. That means I can get away with about half as many passes with my sweeper. When I have time and supportive weather forecast, I like to let the lawn set a day. That wilts the grass clippings making them easier to sweep (they are lighter) and it requires about half as many dumps as the wilted clippings take up less room.

As mentioned in this thread kind of like making hay, cut it, rake it (or in my case just blow it out the side on every other pass), let it wilt, come back later and bale it. I haven't had a bagger in quite a few years, but my memory is of frequent trips to my dump area, and too many chute clogs needing cleaned out.

I have a nice JD 42" sweeper and it works great until the heaviest leaf fall, then I go for the serious debris tool, my TracVac.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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