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Lawn Sweeper versus Bagger JD X300

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I have a need to get grass clippings off of my lawn!! Just planted some new bermuda and had to fertilize to get it to alot of clippings.

Have a JD X300. Had a JD116 with bagger for years and it worked great with leaves as well. Now need something for new JD....don't have alot of leaves/trees in my yard, but aging parents do. Does lawn sweeper do the job for clippings and leaves? Or should I just purchase another bagger? Or is the sweeper mainly for leaves? Price is around $500 for bagger and JD lawn sweeper is around $260....:greendr:
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For me it comes down to the area where you will be dumping the debris. My dump pile is a challenge to get a tow behind sweeper into and out. With a bagger on the tractor I can back up to the dump pile and pull the bags of and toss the stuff where I want it. With the sweeper I can drive up and dump but then have to back up 25-30' or take the sweeper off and reposition the whole rig. So I think you need to consider the dumpsite as a driving factor in your decision. The extra $$ spent on a bagger may pay off insaved aggravation in the long run.
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