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Lawn Sweeper versus Bagger JD X300

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I have a need to get grass clippings off of my lawn!! Just planted some new bermuda and had to fertilize to get it to alot of clippings.

Have a JD X300. Had a JD116 with bagger for years and it worked great with leaves as well. Now need something for new JD....don't have alot of leaves/trees in my yard, but aging parents do. Does lawn sweeper do the job for clippings and leaves? Or should I just purchase another bagger? Or is the sweeper mainly for leaves? Price is around $500 for bagger and JD lawn sweeper is around $260....:greendr:
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I have had both the power flo bagger and a lawn sweeper. I sold my power flo only because with all the tree's I would have to empty it 30-40 times in the fall.
You can't go wrong with either one. Not saying one is better than the other but in my case the sweeper works better it will pick up almost anything and you can dump it on the fly without getting on and off tractor. YMO
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Sorry to hijack, but is there any reason I couldn't pull a sweeper behind my GT235? It's not listed as an attachment on the JD site.
No reason at all. My mother pull one with a JD rider with a 8hp that is 25 years old and it does a great job.
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