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Lawn Chief Update!

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Well this mower will be running and driving hopefully by the end of the month! All it currently needs is a coil cuz the old one stopped working for some reason but it was the origanal from 1986 so not a big deal. Also it needs to be rewired because one of the previous owners really screwed up the wiring on this thing i mean this thing was a mess so what i am going to do is get a wiring harness from another mower with the same engine and key switch and stuff and make it work for this tractor. Also its going to get a Sears 3 Point Hitch!!! I found one local for only $100 bucks complete down to every nut and bolt, a freind of mine has it and when he comes to pick up some parts tractors i have he is going to drop off the hitch. Not sure exactly what one it is but i know its a Sears 3 point, just dont know if its a heavy duty, medium duty, or light duty. This tractor i am going to keep mostly stock, no engine swaps or pulley changes or anything like that. I am going to upgrade my ammeter like another member did to his 11/36 and i am going to go with LED lights instead of the regular ones. Also going to go with Dual 23X8.50-12 Carlisle Tru Powers on the rear and use the spacer kit from M.E. Miller tire, if i am not satisfied with it then i will just go with single 23X10.50-12 Tru Powers. The front will get 16X6.50-8 Carlisle V61 tires and the rims i am using came from a 1990 Craftsman II GT/18, the origanal front rims where wore out and not fixable, luckily it didnt damage the spindles. I am also upgrading the steering by upgrading to Bronze Flange Bearings to use instead of the stock bushings for the spidles, the stock ones are metal but they are kinda wore out so the front end is sloppy and has play. Also if i can find any in the right size i will upgrade to better tie rod ends. As for the motor i have something very special planned for it but not going to share what it is until i get it installed. I cleaned the gas tank and replaced the fuel line and fuels filter with brand new ones, Continue reading next post
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Sorry about that my phone wont let me fit any more words on my other post so i had to start a new one.

I also replaced the sparkplugs and just got this motor all ready to go except the carb but i have a rebuild kit on the way. I have also cleaned and cleaned and cleaned this tractor and it is as clean as it could ever be. I have found some rust damage that kinda scares me and its where the battery went there is some pitting, its not very bad but it is not very good to look at either. When i decide to repaint to tractor i will strip it to the frame and work on that area to get it all smooth and everything again, i installed a plastic battery tray with a drain hose to help keep it from getting worse but i dont ever have a battery in it yet lol. I do need to find a seat for this thing because the origanal seat is long gone and the replacement it had when i got it was just shot. Anyone know what replacement seats fit these classic Murray GTs? You may notice in my current avatar pic that i have a seat on it but that seat wouldnt fit the stock seat mount so i had to put a different mount on but i no longer have that seat so i put the stock seat mount on which i dont have or really know where to get a seat that will fit it. I noticed that the seat mount actually makes the seat sit a little offset to one side, i belive it was the left side. Also i got a little extra thing for it, a chrome shifter knob! Yeah its not very important but it does give it a little more uniqueness. Oh i want to change the oil in the trans but i dont know exactly how i should do it or what oil to use or how much oil it holds, can anyone help me here? Oh also for the exaust i want to keep it stock but i do want to get a new muffler because this one has some holes in it and it leaks. Well thats it for now, when i do more to it and when i get more parts i will let yall know, slowly but surely this old tractor is coming back to life!
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The trans has two plugs, the lower one is a drain, the upper is the fill. When the fluid hits the top plug and leaks back out your full. Can't recall the capacity, but it takes 80-90w gear oil.
Thank you so much!!! Wow thats alot easier than i was thinking, sounds like i dont even have to remove the trans! For a while i was thinking i was going to have to take it out to change the fluid but im glad i dont have too
The more i look at this tractor the more i want to keep the wheels stock and not do duals so i think what i am going to do is just put single 23X10.50-12 Ags on the rear and ribs on the front, i think duals would ruin this tractor
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