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Lawn Boy worth the rebuild????

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A few years back I was given a Lawn Boy 10247 with the duraforce 6.5 hp. The deck felt solid but the engine would not budge. After taking it apart, I am fairly sure the engine did not lock up from no oil as everything was coated in a oily/greasy mess, however all the bearings were seized up and rusty as were the piston rings as if water had been in the engine for a while. The cylinder liner has a bit of rust as well. The crankshaft has very light grooves imprinted in the journal from rust. I priced out the parts for the rebuild and I quickly got to $300 and new it wasn't looking good for this project. Am I missing something, or am I just looking in the wrong place for parts? I basically need the entire short block, but not interested in spending $300 on an old mower just for the sake of having a 2 cycle. This would just be a back up mower/project mower, so I am in no way in desperate need for this to work again. I've read a few forums where guys found short blocks, but I have not found any online that are still available. What would you guys do???
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Those short blocks for the Duraforce are very affordable, here is a link for one on ebay for 99 bucks, or you can go through Toro and get basically the same one for 120 or so.

Lawnboy Lawn Boy 2 Cycle Lawnmower Mower Engine Short Block Duraforce 95 7636 | eBay
Ive bought 3 of the short blocks, one went on my daughters DF I built for her and the others on the shelf. I agree with Walt, $300 is way to much when you can buy a used mower or a NOS short block for a $100. Its worth the investment IMO.
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