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Lawn-Boy Walbro Carb

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Working on a 6431 with the Walbro. Changed out the bowl (old one was corroded/leaking) and put in a K11-LMR kit today. Haven't tinkered with float type Walbros much and my bowl is overflowing. I just rebuilt the engine on this and was running a plastic carb while waiting on parts for the Walbro.

Pretty sure it's the new seat and needle not sealing. Is there a trick to installing that seat? I wasn't real confident with it compared to the threaded seats I'm used to. Looks like one would need a special tool or make a special tool to install it correctly. Not sure if it gets packed in there pretty good or what. The seat material was harder than imagined it would be.

This is what comes in the kit....Thanks, Toby
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Not really any trick to it. I am pretty certain that you put it in a certain way. Not sure if the little ridge goes up or down, but there is usually a direction paper included. Did you get one?

You could use the head of a small nail to push it in. Maybe put a bit of 2 cycle oil or MMO just to lube it a bit. Then, it should just bottom out easily. That's been my experience.
The small ridge on the rubber seat goes in upwards, into the carb body. There is a tool, but a drill bit of the same diameter works just as well IMO. Do use some light oil/lube when you install the seat also. The float is non-adjustable.
No it didn't come with an instruction paper.

small ridge? I didn't see a ridge.
If my memory serves me correctly it is actually a groove in one side of the seat,and that side goes in first.
one side was smooth, the other side had like a indented ring around it and an indented mark on each side of the hole, like a little screw driver slot across the hole.
Just pulled it back off. Looks like I didn't have seat in it's little recessed spot down there. I used the back side of a drill bit and got it seated properly. Seems to be working fine now. I did manage to find reference the grooves, says the gooves face down when installing
Yes, it's actually a recessed groove in the seat.
Yes, it's actually a recessed groove in the seat.
Yeah, I did not know that but i do now, lol

Always learning :trink39:
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