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Lawn Boy Type "A" grease substitute?

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I tried a search and wasn't finding any answers... I know the type "A" is some super sticky/thick grease, and the service manuals call for it specifically and say that no other grease will work... What's the equivelent I can buy at the auto parts store? Regular bearing and axle grease work? I know that's not as thick...

The 8125 transmission I have needs cleaned out and re-lubed. It has a zerk on the bottom, but I assume if one uses the zerk to grease the trans you would need a grease gun with the type "A" grease in it...

Thanks in advance! :trink40:
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Ok, that's good to know. After the warning of "anything else will cause failure" I wasn't sure... I don't see HOW any other kind of grease would just cause it to fail though. It's a pretty simple and low speed gear box. I'd think grease is grease... I usually use Lucas #2 red and tacky for all my equipment.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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