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Lawn Boy R7268 won't stay running!

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1979 model.I picked it up today,has fuel,spark and compression.If i give a squirt of st. fluid it fires right up.The carb is clean,fuel lines good ect...It runs for a few seconds and shuts off.Fuel flows out of the the tank fine too.Any idea's?Also,how many turns out should the screw be on top of the carb?Thanks
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had the same thing happen to me, turn the screw out 2 turns, it should start and run after that. With it running turn it in until it starts to die, then open it up a little.
Well, if it's already out too much, just turn in in until it lightly seats, then turn it out 2 turns and tune it from there.
The float might not be adjusted right, not letting enough gas into the carb. Also, make sure your fuel shut-off vavle is on the "on" position.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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