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Lawn-boy m21zmrc value?

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I'm new to the forum. I currently own 4 lawnboys one of them being an old snowthrower. I saw a M series model # m21zmrc and I was wondering what its worth. The guy had $100 on it but said he would take less. It runs perfect he says and he just had it worked on in the spring and had $125 into it. Probably took it back to the dealer. Anyway I was wondering if it was worth the $100? Or what I should offer. Looked to be in great shape.

BTW... I did buy his model # 8237 for 15 bucks. Needs some work on the self propelled mechanism.
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I think that's a good buy. You could offer him less as long as there is no competion.
First off Welcome to MTF, stick around tons of info to be had here....Thats a great price for the mower, i gave $120 for my m21bmr and it sounds like they are in the same condition..
Well i bought the mower for $75..... and paid with $100 anyway.. Needless to say they gave me a hard time about it. It was funny. Anyway I noticed that this one doesn't have the extra tank for the 2 cycle oil. Also the deck and the controls have diffrent model numbers. on the deck is m21zmrc and on the handle m21zmr. Could the deck have been replaced? Anyway the bag is in really good shape. runs good. Want to see some pictures? How do you post?
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:Welcome1: :MTF_wel2:

i am capstan i hope you have a good time on this site

you will fit in nicely
The deck hasn't been replaced, they just tell have an a,b,c,d after the model on the tag. Like my M21EMR says M21EMRA on the model tag.

Welcome to the forum, whereabouts in Wisconsin are you?
Nice mower. Thats a good price I guess. You either like the "M" or you don't. I happen to like them so a100 spot sounds O.K

Neal :Welcome1:
southern WI. You?

I started it up and it ran like a champ. havent ran the 8273 yet.

I've found the M to be an excellent mulching machine, leaving a very even cut. I haven't used the bag yet, though I have a couple now. The side discharge chute always blows grass into my foot when I turn the mower to the left... pretty sure that was an afterthought for the M.

Post some pics if you can.
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Let's see some pics of the snowblower! Is it a snowboy?? Also welcome!!
Ok here they are. Hopefully they show up because this is the first time I have done this on this website. Tell me what you think and if I got a good deal.
The first is the 8237 that runs but needs work on the linkage I got that for $15.
The second is the M21zmrc and that one is ready to run I paid $75 for that.

Third is my other new one I got this year ... I can't remember the model number but its a Gold series 4.5 horse self propelled with the Manual. It has some duct tape on the plastic piece for the self propelled lever. Know where I can find a new one? I paid 67.50 for that one. Other then the broken plastic piece this one is probably the nicest.
The snow thrower I found by the side of the road. The front cover is off and missing some screws and he pulled the starter out. I asked the guy if I could have it and I took it. I havent had a chance to mess with it at all. Its a model 1871 It says Lawnboy outboard marine corp. Galesburgh IL. Can you tell me anything about that one? Can you see my Silver series in the background? That was my first lawn boy. I bought it for $40 at a rummage sale because I needed one for my new house.


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Yes, you did great on all of them.

P.S. is that a Gremlin in your garage?
**** yeah thats a Gremlin! Im all AMC too. Owned 4 of them and one amx. That Gremlin had an AMC 390 with a 4 speed. Want a picture of that too? I might get me another one of those too... but as you can see my garage is packed.
A 390 and four speed...that had to haul some a$$. What is the dry weight on one of those? 2,200?
I haven't seen one in awhile.
Holy cow! A gremlin? Those gremlins are my favorite, right along side the pacer. Awesome AMC you got there! My dad has a 390 in his T-Bird and that is a big engine for that car, having one in a gremlin must be fun as heck!
Thats why I said AMC 390. Everyone confuses it with the Ford 390.... like your dads T bird. Same displacement... different motor all together. Also I think the Ford 390 is a larger heavier "big block" while the amc 390 is in a smaller "small block" sorta like the chevy 400.
Yeah, I know what your talking about with the differences, but I didn't know there was such a thing as a small block 390, we have a guy around here with a nice AMX that has a 390 in it, I just never got to actually see the engine. My dad used to work at an AMC dealer in the 70's so he knows a little bit about them. Whether it be a 390 big block or small, we both can agree that thats a good sized engine for a Gremlin. Nice to see an AMC fan around here. :trink40:
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Holy cow! A gremlin? Those gremlins are my favorite, right along side the pacer. Awesome AMC you got there! My dad has a 390 in his T-Bird and that is a big engine for that car, having one in a gremlin must be fun as heck!
Really? Have you driven/owned one? My parents owned two. We walked alot.

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We never ever had a problem with them as far as running... as a matter of fact... I remember my mom had a Ford Torino, Granada, lTD and a Chevy Monza a S10 with the 2.8 at one point. And let me tell you..... it was a good thing we kept the Gremlin. It ALWAYS started no matter how cold it was. If you took care of them like you should they would run forever. Cant say the same for the big 3 counterparts.......

As a matter of fact.... my brother has a 78 monza right now he is trying to get rid of. That stupid thing sat for 2 years and now the brakes are bad, it leaks oil like a siv and I havent got it started yet. Not to mention those cheap *** door handles they put on those cars are broke so you cant even get in it.

My Gremlin on the other hand. Sat in a barn for 10 years without being started or moved. It was covered in bird poop. I brought a gas can of gas and put it in and pulled it out of the barn. The wheels were a little sticky and didnt want to turn to good from sitting but we got them rolling without having to take anything apart. Then I drove it 85 miles home.

The big 3 are more into marketing then making quality products and you can see now that that is bitting them in the behind. Its to bad AMC and Studebaker went out of buisness. Well AMC just got bought out and broke up. The Hayday of Jeep is when AMC owned them and thats what people want. They were good at making smaller more fuel efficent cars. The biggest engine studebaker made was a 289... they compensated with supercharging. And their 250 V8 was strong enough to be an indy motor.
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