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Lawn Boy -- Is this a good deal?

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I haven't seen this yet, but the pictures look very good. They are asking $100. So, is it a steal? A so-so deal? No so much? I should have my head examined?

What's the verdict from the experts?

Here are the specs:
Model Number 10323
Product Name SilverPro Series Lawnmower
Product Brand Lawn-Boy
Product Type Walk Behind Mowers
Product Series 21" Steel Deck
Chassis Type Steel Deck WPM
Swath 21 inch
Discharge Mulcher
Fuel Ratio 32:1

Safety System Zone Start

Engine/Motor Manufacturer Lawn-Boy
Engine/Motor Model # DuraForce
Engine/Motor Size# 6.5 hp
Engine/Motor Type 2 Cycle EPA1
Engine Starter Recoil
Transmission Manufacturer Lawn-Boy
Transmission Speed 1 Speed
Transmission Type Gear
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It's a cheap steel decked Duraforce. I wouldn't pay more than $50 personally, and that would mostly be for the engine.
Not a big fan either of the steel deck mowers. That mower would have to be pristine and run perfectly for me to even consider that price. I realize the aluminum deck Lawnboys will get corrosion and pitting if not kept reasonably clean but I have seen way more rusted through steel decks and I have only seen 2 aluminum decks that had enough corrosion that they had holes. Steel decks just require a lot more care to maintain in my opinion. See if they will take $50.00. Bill
Thanks, guys. I think I will try them at $50 and be willing to walk away.
BTW, when were these particular machines made? I bought my 10525 in 1997. I'm thinking that the Silver Series is around the same time.
Im one of the few steal deck fans, I love the 10323s. In my area the steal decks bring $100 plus so its personal preference. If I could get DFs at $50 each I would take all they had.
BTW, when were these particular machines made? I bought my 10525 in 1997. I'm thinking that the Silver Series is around the same time.
The 10323 is listed on the Lawnboy web site as being made from 1998 through 2004. Bill
Thanks all.
I'd be one to jump on it as well because these are rare around my area . This forum makes me jealous of how common they seem to be back East . I'm on the west coast and it is rare to find any duraforce I have only seen one online and that is just recently for sale in my province an expensive ferry ride there and back. Be about 360$ trip including the 100$ df
Well, I ended up buying this mower for $40. It's a backup to take to my out of town property. It seems to run fine, a bit hard to start. Since I am now a LB expert thanks to you guys :sidelaugh:sidelaugh, I will tweak it up a bit and use it for the next 40 years. Just a little bit of surface rust on top of the deck. Otherwise, it's a dandy.

Thanks again, guys!
BTW, here are the pics of the old girl.
Lawn Boy 21" 6.5Hp 2Cycle/ Price Lowered!
Looks like it has an old rusty plug in it. A new one may cure your hard to start issue. Could also be coil starting to fade.

Those are good mowers, but have lots of quirks. Once it is dialed in it roars and will cut through anything.
Yeah. I'm going to change out that plug. Today I mowed through a bunch of thick Asiatic Jasmine that was 8-10" high. I did part of it with this one and part with my Gold Pro. The GP seems to have a bit more power, but not much. I think I'll get my money's worth.
A little information on Dura-Force model serial numbers. If the number starts with 79, reverse the numbers to get 1997 for year. 89 would be 1998, then in 2000 they went with 20, 2001 was 21, 2002 is 22 and so on.
Thanks. That's a handy piece of intel.
A for the spark plug, it looks like it may have the wrong plug in it. Looks to long. The correct plug is NGK BPMR4A or equivalent.
Thank you!
$40 is a great deal for that machine! I'd pay that just to use it for parts for my 22261, even.
So far, so good!
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