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Lawn boy engine advice.

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I am considering an engine for my 8238ae that is on ebay. Mine already has a transplanted f from the late 80s. I dont like the fact that there is no pull start, plus there are coil and other issues. Could I grab this one and put the electric start on it? To be honest, I dont care if it is electric start. It appears to have the metal walbro also. Or, are there any other suggestions?

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Hi! I'm sure anything can be made to work with enough modification but if this was my mower I would be looking for a pre 1983 self propelled F engine with the Vader shroud if you are looking for a correct replacement for that deck. The motor you posted would have the compliance brake feature which would need the correct handle with the bail to operate or would need to have the brake disabled and a switch such as you have now installed. The motor is for a push mower so it is not compatible with your handle and drive system. I would get the mower running and use it as it is and keep a watch out for someone selling a 1978 through 1982 F self propelled Vader shroud engine. These were extremely popular and because they were made for a number of years there are a lot out there. Be patient, you will find one. Also post on the wanted section what you are looking for. Good luck. Bill
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Hi! Here is a link to what appears to be the correct short block. Obviously you would also have to find all the rest of the parts to make the engine complete. Maybe the seller would have everything you need to be able to bolt this right up and mow. You could probably part out the other engine and get some of your money back that way. Bill
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