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Lawn boy engine advice.

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I am considering an engine for my 8238ae that is on ebay. Mine already has a transplanted f from the late 80s. I dont like the fact that there is no pull start, plus there are coil and other issues. Could I grab this one and put the electric start on it? To be honest, I dont care if it is electric start. It appears to have the metal walbro also. Or, are there any other suggestions?

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I wouldn't base an engine swap around this engine. Without knowing how much compression and it notes, "For parts or not working" and "don't know what it will need to get it running".

If you need the parts around the engine but not the engine, it might be a good deal.

Some people here and on Ebay sell rebuilt motors if you cannot find a new short-block.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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