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Lawn-Boy Edger

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If this is in the wrong forum I'm sorry, but it is on the subject of Lawn-Boys. I have found a Lawn-Boy edger for sale in my town for $35/make offer. The seller says to his knowledge it's the first model Lawn-Boy ever made. It has the old style wrap a rope around the flywheel and pull type of starter (no recoil). The motor is loose and hasn't been started in 20 years. Model No:C71, Serial No:2313057. I know as far as what something is worth is what someone is willing to pay, but what would a ball park figure be? There are pictures on the listing.

Website: lawn boy edger
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Hi! The first Lawnboy edger produced was model ET-1. It had the C-71 engine. The C-71 was also used on the model 1010. According to the Lawnboy web site both of those models should have a recoil assembly, not a wrap the rope around to start style. You can see the holes it the top of the shroud where the recoil assembly would have originally been mounted. Still, the edger appears to be generally complete, including the wheels, so I would not hesitate to give the $35.00. The ET-1 is a 1960 and the 1010 is a 1961. I would think you should be able to find the correct recoil for this. Better grab it before it's gone. Bill
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Looking at partstree it is listed as a 1960 model.
I'm down here in Austin and I was 'this close' to coming after it. Do it!
I just bought a 8671 and had it shipped to Tx. It's in good shape just needs a piston or short blocked I have both. I'm waiting til I get through with school next year to work on it. The motor is loose and pulls over.
Looking at partstree it is listed as a 1960 model.
Just curious what you searched on Partstree to determine the year. I was checking between the ET-1 and the 1010 to figure out what the differences are and I have not been able to narrow it down. Bill
The motor on the edger is C71 and partstree lists it as a 1960 and an ET-1. But I have been known to be wrong before.
To corroborate, the lawn boy online manual online lists the same.

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Parts Tree also showed it having a recoil start.
Both the ET-1 and the 1010 are shown to have a recoil start in the parts breakdown. Here is the spec sheet for the 1010 from 1962. 1961 is the same. Note the engine used is a C-71. Maybe the previous owner had a problem with the recoil mechanism and put the rope pulley on the flywheel.Bill

Model Number 1010
Model Year 1962
Beginning Serial # 200000001
Ending Serial # 299999999
Product Name Edger/Trimmer
Product Brand Lawn-Boy
Product Type Trimmers
Product Series Trimmer, Lawn-Boy
Swath 9 inch
Engine/Motor Manufacturer Lawn-Boy
Engine/Motor Model # C71
Engine/Motor Size# 4.43 cu. in.
Engine/Motor Type 2 Cycle
Engine Starter Recoil
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This edger has been listed on and off here for a pretty good while. It seems like I might have seen it last year even.
Make him an offer. Sounds like you can get it for next to nothing. Start low and you can always com up. Even at the $35.00 it should be a good deal. Recoil and any other parts needed should not be hard to find. paint looks rough, but that is only paint.
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