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There are two versions of these bags, a short one that came out 1st and best fits the Silver Series steel deck Duraforce mowers & pusher Gold Series cast decks and the longer version that fits the self propelled Gold Series cast decks.
Short Bag: 100-6361 (came in 89800 and possibly earlier 89906 Rear Bagger Kit)
Long Bag: 100-6362 (came in later 89906 Rear Bagger Kit)

I've got a L-B site print-off parts breakdown dated 2003 for 89906 showing the 100-6361 bag, so I don't know when the change to the -6362 bag happened, but the rear bagger kit I bought with my 10424 in 2004 came with the longer bag. Thankfully I had a couple of the older short bag, because this long bag did not work well with either my 10323 or the 10424.

In a Parts & Accessories sheet dated 1999 that came with my 2003 10424, it states the capacity at 2.5 Bushel / 3.1 cu-ft … so is this for the short or the long bag ??

I did a little test last weekend with my 10525 and dumped a couple of the long bags of grass into a Ryobi AC04313 Pop-Up Lawn & Leaf Bag. This Ryobi thing is about 21.5" inside diameter and both times the full bag of 100-6362 grass settled in at about 8" of depth … with simple math this calculates out to:
2639.17 cu-in = 1.53 cu-ft or 1.24 bushels which is less than 1/2 of L-B's published 2.5 bushels.

Reason I did this quick test was it seemed that my 40V Greenworks 21" Rear Bagger held more grass than the L-B so with my wife running that mower and I running the 10525 I figured the easiest way to compare bag capacities was to dump a couple of each into that pop-up lawn/leaf bag and measure the settled depth of grass.

And YES, I was right the GW bag was 12" of grass depth at 21.5" dia. (50% more) or:
3958.8 cu-in = 2.29 cu-ft or 1.86 bushels.

This was really thick & green grass, so maybe the L-B 2.5 Bushel spec is for really dry grass !!

L-B claims the side bags hold 1.6 bushels, any one ever test that claim ??


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That's an interesting test Doug. I have short bags on my c21zpn and 10520 and long bags on my 22261 and 10545. In my experience the capacity seems the same for the two different styles whether it is truly 2.5 bushels or not.

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hello there guys
i use a 7264 with custom C-17 engine the grass bag is the early lawn-boy rear bag that i use works great
also have a 7265 also using a C-19 engine also using rear lawn-boy grass bag part number 681915 it holds
a lot of grass and to say both engines run great just wanted to my two cents about the lawn-boy rear bag
have a great one your lawn-boy friend Scott
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