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Lawn-Boy Batteries

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Quick question for you experts - other than the plug end, is there any real difference between the various batteries for electric start Lawn-Boy mowers made between 1985 and now? I've got an 8481AE - dead battery - there are plenty on ePay with the correct male/female connection, but part numbers are different. Mine (of course) is the expensive, hard to find one.

Seems like a battery from a 10547 or similar should work just fine, right?
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I personally have used ones from the early 80's on some mid 90's models with no problems. I do not know if the duraforce battery has mower power or not than the others. I think you won't have a problem aside from mounting it on the mower. I don't know if the innards are the same on them.

I think Interstate battery sells a replacement though.
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