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Lawn-Boy 5245 up-date...

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Took some time this past week to clean-up and replace the rubber fuel and primer hoses on my 5245.

This mower had been given to me several years ago by the lansdcaper that my wife has to treat the lawns.

Apparently one of his customers gave to him, but he felt he had no use for it.

So, I got running then, and gave it to my mother for trimming.

She used it infrequently, then the starter-cord got fouled and it got put aside.

I hauled it home, and cleaned-out the rotten fuel, cleaned and repaired the recoil starter, and installed new fuel-lines.

It fired-up, and smoked a bit at first, then settled down.

It needs a new blade, but otherwise works well.


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Frank, Beautiful find, and looks great next to your original!

I wouldn't touch a bolt on that, or come near with paint. Perfect condition to use every week, or once a year and look good! I can't seem to pickup one without tearing it almost completely apart, just to see condition!
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