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lawn boy 2 cycle m.#4571 , F101 engine

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Hi all , hope some of you boys know 2 cycle .?
I have a really nice lawn boy walk behind that will only fire if i squirt fuel into the intake .? It has the plastic carb. and i think the main jet has unscrewed itself down into the carb. bowl over time . Everything else seems ok.
The main jet screws into a plastic tube that submerges into the carb. bowl.
My question is ; does this jet screw back up into the tube until it seats or is there a setting for it ?

Thanks in advance.
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Welcome to the forum! There are many Lawn-Boy enthusiasts here and 2-cycle is our second language :ROF About your mower, the jet that is on top of the carb, you should take that jet, seat it lightly in, and turn it out two turns. Start the mower and with it running, slowly turn the needle in until you start to lose speed, or the mower starts to run rough, then turn it out a little. It should run best with the needle about 1 and a half turns out.

Now, that jet that screws into the bottom of your carb, that should be screwed all the way in.
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