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Lawn Boy 10401 Questions

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Hi there, first off I want to say that I really like this forum, after looking around a bit it seems like a really great place with tonnes of great information; especially the BBQ recipe section;).

Anyways, the reason I found this site and joined is because I picked up my first ever Lawn Boy yesterday and am eager to find out all I can on it. I think it is a bit of an older model, but that being said it is in phenominal shape and I managed to get it for free from a guy who said he just simply doesn't do his own yard work anymore and no longer needs a mower.

The model is Lawn Boy 10401 and it says it 5HP on it. If you need any other info to help identify it just let me know. I tried looking around online for about an hour and the best thing I could find was this site, so I was hoping someone here could point me in the right direction on finding an online manual for it and any other information you may feel would be helpful.

Also, just out of curiosity I was wondering what this may be worth. I have absolutely no intentions on selling it, but from what know I think Lawn Boy is one of if not the best brand and I am curious to know just how good of a deal I really got.

Any and all replies are truly appreciated!:thanku:
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:MTF_wel2: CanadianGuy..

Enjoy all of the many Forums here on MTF..
Welcome to the forum. That 10401 i think is a 19 in f engine. If it is they are rare.
Thanks for the welcomes! I just got done mowing the lawn with it and I could not be more impressed.

With the exception of one day in the last two weeks it has rained, and on that one day I was too busy to get the lawn done, so I has seriously dreading mowing with my old mower. Even on the driest days it would clog up and cut out over and over and over again.

I had used a Lawn Boy before back when I was in high school and working for one of my teachers landscaping companies in the summers so I knew they were good quality, but was still a little worried at how it would perform, especially sinc eit had been sitting around not being used for 2+ years.

I did take me about 50 pulls, 100 primes, and about five 5-10 second runs before it finally turned over and stayed, but once ti started going it did not stop until the job was done. My grass was easily about 8 inches and soaking wet and this beast of a machine cut it up without even hesitating once.

Would still like to find a manual for it if anyone knows where I could find an online version and also any tips and guides on doing tune ups and repairs.

Welcome to the forum, just go to the website that Adam posted and type in your lawnboy's model number. It does sound like a nice mower and you don't see too many of that model lawnboy around.
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