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Latest find MF 14

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I just pick-up a MF14 over the weekend. I'll try to get some pics up asap. I would like to put the 3 point hitch on it if anyone knows where I might find one.
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Congrats on getting the MF14.

Good luck with finding a 3PH. I got one on eBay, but they don't show up that often, and sell for $165- $300 when they do show up. That's just for the hardware. Sometimes the hydraulics are included, but not always.

It might be cheaper to find a MF1450/1650 that needs serious refurbishment and has a 3PH on it. Some of the other parts on these will also transfer to your MF14.
I spoke too soon. MF16 3PH complete on eBay.

Edit: Well, actually it hadn't yet been put up when I posted. I just checked.
Cool !! Thanks.:dancingpa Ouch !:eek: If I want to play I guess I have to pay. Got the Tractor and 48" deck for $250.:bannana:
So you end up with a $1000 tractor for $500. Not too shabby. :thThumbsU

Two MF14's sold on eBay this month, one in TN with a mower for $400 and the other further north with mower and blower for $1500. I don't think either had a 3PH or I would have noted it.
good deal for the machine

goodl uck on the 3-pt last one went for 500 i think

put those pics up
Congrats on becoming an MF owner!!! About eight years ago I bought a 1650MF on e-bay for $152.50, went to pick it up and it had the rear PTO and three point hitch on it but no mower. I'm still useing it for mowing and yard work. I really like the looks of the older MF's better than I do the 1450/1650 style.
Here's some photos from the previous owner. Hood and rear of seat pan needs some work.

Just saw a 1655 with 3 pt and rear pto about 2 hrs away for $1200: looks good, only I have 1200 problems with getting it. :crybaby:

So many tractors and so little money. :(

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That looks like a pretty good rig for 250.
Starter looks fairly new.
Bit of tin work, and she'll be lookin great.

Yeah, 3pt's are hard to come by. Try to find a scraper with one on.

Welcome to MF forum.
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